Solar, your first step to massive energy savings.

Drop your energy bills by up to 80% instantly with $0 upfront payment and repayments cheaper than a bag of chips!


Of our customers crushed their bills down to $0


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Our customers’ savings for 2020. *2,500 SA homes

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Run your home appliances for FREE during the day and store solar energy for evening consumption.

Get solar even if you do not have any money to put upfront and get paid by the government.

Most efficient 7.8kW panels on the market that produce up to 40% more electricity in the same amount than 6.6kW system.

Here is the problem you face, you have high energy bills but don’t want to spend more than you already do to get a solar panel that might not instantly pay for itself. You are overwhelmed with ads from solar companies that keep selling you “6.6 kW” panels and you don’t even know if what they are offering is great quality or if it’s even going to solve your biggest pain, which is “high energy bills”.

Also your bills keep increasing every year and you’re constantly worried about leaving your appliances on and this is starting to affect your lifestyle.

The cheapest 6.6kW solar panels can generate only about 32kWh per day, while a premium 7.8kW range can get you up to 50kWh per day. This leaves you with more energy to sell to the grid or conserve in a battery for your later usage.

The best premium panels have:

25 Years of Full Warranty

Up to 40% more EnergyEfficient

More Power Output in week light conditions (cloudy, morning, sunset)

Aerospace-standard Technology

Having panels like that on your roof must be a sound investment!


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Get the best Solar System suited to your family’s needs with $0 Upfront payment & up to $7,000 Government Incentives.

Solar, your first step to massive energy savings.

7.7kW for the price of 6.6kW!

Suntech 370W



Includes Standard Installation

or $17** per week ONLY

Why get 6.6kW if you can afford up to 40% more efficient system?

Why get 6.6kW if you can afford up to 40% more efficient system?

Every Aussie family deserves a chance to save thousands with Solar.

The really good news is that the premium panel option will not increase your family budget spend. Pay off the system as you save!

Come and talk to us to choose from our great range of panels. Prices start for $4,599 only for 7.7kW systems!


Let us assist you to choose the best Solar Panels for your family.


*Subject to T&Cs, Site Inspection and Eligibility & Conditions of the STC’s. Supply & Standard installation are includes based on a single storey in REC3 zone. While stocks last. **Based on 364 weeks (7 years).