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Get a Government Rebate for solar panels & battery up to $6620

Solar panels are NOT the same without a battery!

The missing piece to your $0 Energy Bill. 

The Australian Government encourages homeowners to go solar right now by offering generous rebates. While last year rebates used to be as high as $9500 this year they are down to $6620 which is still a great saving! Hurry up, do not to miss them while the Government is still offering them!

Get $0 on your energy bills by installing good quality solar panels and a battery without noticing the difference in payment amount. Ahhh, actually you will notice the difference as the bills are going to be less for the pay off period. For most customers the pay off period is 5 years only. You will enjoy thousands of dollars in savings indefinitely!

$0 Upfront Payment

(No deposit)

Flat Rate Repayment

Save Thousands

on Energy Bills every year

Your bills, including finance repayment and electricity, will be less from day 1

Get paid for the excess power your solar generate during the day. And forget about buying from the grid even at evening hours

A sweet cherry on the top of a cake – you may qualify to get up to $6620 as a government rebate

Here how it works

Based on Year 1 Figures (Refer to the graph above)

So, you might want to SWAP the bills!! Your current quarterly power bill payments will be swapped into repayments on your solar system. Your current electricity bill (e.g., $700) will be swapped with a new, cheaper bill (e.g., $600) as a finance repayment plan. So, your bills are going to be less and once the pay off period is over you are going to own the system that saves you thousands of dollars a year and give you $0 energy bills.

The finance repayments (your new bills) are going to stay the same for approximately 6 years till the system is paid off. However, 95% of our customers pay off the system within 5 years.

Most of our customers are GUARANTEED to pay less (including finance repayment and electricity bills) than their current electricity bills from day 1.

$0 bills are achieved through battery storing solar energy generated by your panels during the day. So, that you do not need to buy much of it from your energy provider in the evening hours at a much higher price (which is approximately x4 times higher than feed to a grid tariffs). Still retaining the ability of being able to sell excess energy to the grid.

Having just solar means you will have to buy energy back from the grid during evening hours (this is where most of the people use it). Even if you sell excess energy during the day (at app. $0.1) you are going to buy it back during evening hours (at app. $0.4) – approximately 4 times more expensive, you will not need to do that with a battery!

95% of our customers have $0 on their electricity bills once the system is paid off. As they don’t have to buy electricity back from the grid. They become 100% energy independent because they get paid for any excess electricity they do not use, they are even in credit each quarter, meaning they RECIEVE payment from their power provider.

Did you know that Solar panels are NOT the same without a battery?

Solar panels and batteries combined will deliver more power even during times of less sun exposure or no sun at all – like evening hours. 

This is an ultimate energy independence solution!

It may drop your energy bills to $0 in a record time while paying off your system and adding money back to your pocket.

Even if you are receiving credits from your electricity provider from any of the excess solar power that your solar panels produce during the day, buying it back at night time at full price will not provide you with savings. The average feed in tariff is about $0.1 while the buying price during evening hours might be $0.4 (which it is 4 times bigger)

You would actually be better off having your own energy during evening hours to run the property to be fully energy independent AND sell excess energy to the grid without the need to buy it back at the evening at a much higher price!

Now Government supports homeowners by providing solar panels and battery rebates up to $6,620.

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