Hot Water Systems Adelaide

Save up to 80% on your energy bills with the WORLD'S MOST ADVANCED Hot Water technology.

The next Evolution in Water Heating


The next evolution in Water Heating

The Evo270 is the next evolution in water heating, with advanced energy efficiency technologies and built in smart features to ensure you’re provided with clean, safe, and economical hot water all year round.

iStore Air to Energy – 180/270L

Exclusive technology to provide 400% efficiency

iStores premium Australian engineering captures energy in the air to generate environmentally friendly hot water to multiple taps in your home – 24×7 x 365. The iStore is the perfect solution for homes in need of a constant, reliable supply of steaming hot water, all powered by the sun’s rays. 


Air-Source CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System

An air to water heat pump is a very efficient device that uses heat in the ambient air for hot water production. Its heat energy output is about three to five times as high as the electricity input required to run it. The Reclaim Energy CO2 air source heat pump, produces domestic hot water at 63°C without requiring an electrical backup.

WWK Hot Water Heat Pump

Reduce Energy costs & create Hot Water all year around

Intelligent German engineering using air as an energy source for generating hot water for the entire household. Heat pumps work by transferring the heat in the air outside the unit to the water stored inside through an exchange system. Basically it moves heat rather than generates heat and that is where the cost savings lie.

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