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Servicing South Australian families with care since 1980.

We are one of a few companies Licensed with Fully Accreditation and complied to meeting the Highest Australian Standards!

Who We Are

At Sharpe Energy Hub we are dedicated to helping homeowners in Adelaide get the full benefit of renewable energy. We offer the best value for money, premium quality, and eco-efficient systems. With over 40 years of service and over 27,000 installs, we strive to bring you intelligent solar, battery, air conditioning, and hot water heat pump systems specifically engineered to the size and energy use of your home.

David Sharpe - Owner and Managing Director

David Sharpe -

Owner and Managing Director

“We are proud to announce that Sharpe Group has been chosen by the South Australian Government from over 60+ companies to implement the $4.25m Switch for Solar Program, installing solar panels on 1000 homes to significantly reduce their energy bills…”


Our experts engineers will guide you through the maze of information and analyse your home to provide the optimum energy solution, crushing your bills down to $0.


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Our Promise

At Sharpe Energy Hub, we will work with your family’s current and future energy consumption and budget to provide you with the best intelligent energy system under the sun.

We won’t pressure you into a decision to purchase any system and we are not a fly-by-night company satisfied with cookie-cutter work. We offer intelligent and eco-efficient systems that are engineered to meet each customer’s needs.

Green Vision

We are the agent for change, offering a complete range of intelligent energy systems in South Australia, a state recognised as a leader in clean, renewable energy. We have grown with the evolving demands for household energy efficiency, sustainability, and cost-efficiency.

Blue Vision

As we search for strategies to save our blue planet, we look to the sky. The sun’s unlimited energy can now be harnessed in an affordable, sustainable, and easily managed way. The future is in your hands. Sharpe Energy Hub will help you make the switch.

Invest in a brighter and cleaner future!

The Power of One Home

South Australia is the epicentre of change. Every home has a role to play. High sunshine hours but high energy prices make this state a clear winner for domestic solar. System payback times are quicker while generous battery subsidies make this option work best in SA. 

Let us help you make the switch today!

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